Last Updated: Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Dear FISC Family,

We regret to inform you that the Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC) will be permanently closed effective March 31, 2022.


We have sincerely enjoyed being a part of our employees’ and patrons’ lives for the past 12 years. As we look back, there are so many great memories yet much the same as when the Skate Haven closed we are saddened by the void this will create in our community.


The reality however is that for a variety of factors beyond our control to and including the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and increased availability of turfed fields in the County parks and schools we have reached the end of the game. NO action is needed on your part if you are on auto pay, final payments will be collected in March, 2022 and then the system will be shut off.  


When we took over in the summer of 2009, the facility was much different and over the years became mid-Maryland’s premier indoor sports/events facility. The FISC team is grateful for the dedication, support, and contributions of employees, tenants, patrons, coaches, and sports organizations through the years which allowed the vision to become a reality. We hope you all will join us and celebrate the great memories (and sacrifices) made by all involved to keep the lights nearly 24/7 on (other than when the Pandemic forced our shutdown in March of 2020). And if you are so moved, please share a memory or two on our Facebook page.

 We also want to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many small businesses that both launched at FISC and/or shared a home at FISC.


Starting with the two original and longest tenured who date back to the beginning of 2000 when the Sportsplex first opened: Frederick Soccer Supplies and It Needs Help, cheers to the “last of the mohicans!”


The others include: Soldierfit, 368 Athletics, Rehab 2 Perform (R2P), RPMotion, NXS Fitness, Golden Knights Karate, JCX Ninja Warrior Gym, YMCA Gymnastics, Strike Zone, Sarge Athletics, Crucible Performance, Power Train, FMH Wellness, Frederick Sport and Spine, Pivot Physical Therapy, the RePlay Café, The Chicken Basket, PIGS BBQ, The Upper Deck Too, MBS Performance Coaching and of course The Frederick Indoor Sports Center aka FISC.


We hope the area’s strong sports organizations continue to thrive and shed light on the need for quality, positive adult and youth programs. And, perhaps the closure of the FISC Facility will shine a spotlight on the City’s Western Regional Park development and before too long, we all meet again at City’s future indoor sports complex.


On behalf of all the FISC Ownership & Staff, may you all continue to keep your ‘Head down and Have a Goal’!

 Wishing you all continued good health and a lifetime of sporting fun!

-Tony "C" Checchia and Team FISC