Last Updated: Monday, March 16, 2020

Dear FISC Family,

As we continue down this uncertain road together, we too are unsure and concerned for our collective futures. That said, we have faith that this too shall pass, especially if we support one another and remain pragmatic and calm. We want you all to know that the ownership of FISC is exploring every possible measure to take care of both our employees and our customers and we appreciate your support under these unpredictable circumstances. 


In accordance with the Federal and State government, the following procedures are being enacted:

 1.  Effective 5pm March 16, 2020, all FISC programming is being suspended until the beginning of our Spring II session (4-6 weeks).

 2.  We will freeze all FISC patrons who are on a monthly plan and re-evaluate this freeze on a monthly basis.

 3.  Customers who have pre-paid for the current session will get a pro-rated credit on their accounts equal the balance of the current session. 

 4.  We will not be programming any birthday parties or rentals until the current Governor mandated closure is lifted. 


Our facility will remain open to the public as we have other businesses which may be able to continue to operate per their own discretion and provided there are no further mandated closures.


We wish you all continued good health and once again, we appreciate your support. when we look back it will be easy to determine if we overreacted or were too precautious in our decisions. But until that time, we at FISC would like to stay on the cautious side to protect or patrons and our staff.


Now go wash your hands! 

-FISC Team

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