About Us

The 65,000 SF Frederick Indoor Sports Center was founded in 2009.

An Inside look to FISC

  • Two 30 yard x 60 yard turf playing surfaces
  • A family-friendly in-house restaurant,
  • Free high speed Internet access, 10 flat screen HDTVs surround the space
  • Tenants – Frederick Soccer Supplies,  ITNeedsHelp, Pivot Physical Therapy, MBS Counseling, Strike Zone, Power Train
  • Player Prep Areas, two Party Rooms and Generous Spectator Areas

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Our Vision

To provide a healthy and safe environment for athletes of all ages and skill levels to enjoy and develop in sports.

Our Mission

To lead and engage athletes in all facets of sports by teaching healthy lifestyle behaviors through the quality of our facility, programming, equipment, and services. We will strive to be the #1 sports facility in the nation, and combine the resources of the company to give back to the community where we all live and do business.

Our Team

Founder of FISC: Tony ‘C’ Checchia

Roby Malandrucco

[email protected]

Blake Averill

Adult League Coordinator
[email protected]

Janice Sessions

Business Manager
[email protected]

Diane Caparotti

General Manager [email protected]



Kyle Walker


Assistant General Manager [email protected]


Chris Stack


             Youth Director             [email protected]



We’re happy you’ve chosen to play at FISC. Please remember that FISC is a family-friendly facility, and that we work hard to create a wholesome and safe environment. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re at “our house.”


House Rules

  1. We’ve made food and beverages available for your enjoyment. Please don’t bring in outside food, beverages or coolers.
  2. This isn’t school–but there are kids here, and they’re actually paying attention. So please – no tobacco products, profanity or negative comments to officials, players, coaches or spectators.
  3. Bring it all to the field, but please no running, ball play or use of sports equipment anywhere else.
  4. No unattended youth under age 18 permitted on FISC campus. Unattended Youth Policy.
  5. We wouldn’t spit on your carpets. Please don’t spit on our fields! (Or anywhere but the restrooms).
  6. Be a role model—exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
  7. Question: Can I chew gum, take food or drink stuff on the field? Answer: No, No and No.
  8. Reuse. Recycle. Or at least use the trash cans!
  9. No fighting. No excuses.

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FISC values its Team Captains! We appreciate your leadership, time and commitment to such an important job!

About FISC Team Captains

Each FISC Team Captain serves as the liaison between his/her team and the FISC Programming Department. This includes taking on the responsibility of the administration of his/her team and the behavior of each and every team member on and off the playing field (team members also extend to include coaches and spectators).  Team Captains are responsible for understanding, and communicating to their teams, the policies that govern the FISC Leagues, as well as the specific rules that govern each sport.  Having a good understanding of the program policies and sport rules will help facilitate and further aide a team’s participation to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.